About - Luigino Viscione

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-Luigino Viscione

I was born in Rome on 18 January 1980.

My passion for computers has been born since the age of 7 years. I often watched my father Antonio play Sargon II on Commodore VIC 20 for full nights.

My first contact with the computer chess was in 2001 and after in 2003 with the G-S.E.I. (an italian group of people dedicated to chess programming) and I was guided by Luca Dormio, author of LarsenVB.


Photo with Luca Naddei Author of Uragano 3D and PICcolino Chess

My first engine was DimitriWBE written in VB6 (today Dimitri, in memory of Dimitri Lettieri my good friend that i consider like a brother)

DimitriWBE in its previous versions also had an integrated GUI. After the experience with DimitriWBE I decided to start a new project, ECE (Easy Chess Engine) written in C++, initially with a winboard protocol, after I decided to use UCI for ECE. the DimitriWBE project has been suspended for 10 years, leaving space for the ECE project, which in the X and X2 versions was distributed with a customized and re-adapted GUI by ChessWizard.

Photo With Alessandro Iavicoli author of AdaChess

After 10 years DimiriWBE is reborn with version 3.0.1 Dimitri and ECE are not very strong engines, but I love to see a style of play that makes them very special for me, each of them continues its natural evolution, sharing in some cases the same principles of development but keeping everyone their own style of game.

Photo With Richard Pijl Author of The Baron

April 16, 2018 a heart attack has temporarily removed me from the computer, but fortunately today I'm still here, with the desire to continue to take care of my passion for chess and computers. Many members and friends of G-S.E.I. they worried about me and gave me courage and strength, many other friends like Graham had good words for me, and I thank them all for their closeness.

You can find an interview to which I responded with pleasure at the IGT 2017 in Rome of G-S.E.I. here

Thanks To:

Computer Chess Rating List (CCRL) (http://www.computerchess.org.uk/ccrl/)

Graham Banks for all the work he does every day and for his tournaments

Norbert Raimund Leisner, also to the Computer-Chess Wiki (http://computer-chess.org/)

All G-SEI Group (Gruppo Scacchi E Informatica) an Italian group of people dedicated to chess programming (www.g-sei.org)