Live Board 2 : If Then Chess Tournament

Type ChessEngines Time Control CPUs Hash(MB) Ponder EGTB (32MB) GUI/TB ADJ Cycles/Games Gui (UCI/WB)
Tournament 10 40movs/20mins 4 2048 off 3-4-5 yes 4/180 ChessGui 0.245m


(Standings will be on-line after 1st game)


Common Opening Book :
FCCGBook2020 limit to 6 moves.
All the engines can then continue the game using their own book.

Max game Lenght :
120 moves

Bonus per move only if set in TC:
Not applied for common book moves. Outside the common book it will be applied regularly for every move even during the continuation by an engine also with its own book.

Hardware :
AMD FX-8350 4.2Ghz with 16Gb of ram - Windows 10 64Bit

The 64bit engines will always be preferred to the 32bit engines if available and fully compatible with the system used by the FCCG.

You can find Test Tournaments History at Tournaments histoy page. if You look for Master Chess League Results visit the MCL Section

Live Broadcasting Info :
Real Time Live Games with TLCV or Livius (download for Linux) address - port 16000 !Off-Line now
you can interact with the board and the game in progress by show the pgn, get the position fen string or other actions by clicking on square. read the available commands on live help.
Latency time on the web for live shows is about 3/4 moves.
Break time between one match and another is around 40/80 seconds In case of problems during the live viewing of the match (eg the game returns to a previous position) update the page, to avoid these problems we recommend the use of Livius or TLCV

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