FCCG - Downloads


Database :

The database is no longer available for direct download. if you want to see it ask me via email, it will be sent to you.

Live Games Viewer :


Livius for Windows

Livius for Linux

Utility :


Chess Interface :

ChessGUI 0.245m

Arena 3.5.1 ed Arena 3.0

Opening Book :

FCCG Book 2019 for ChessGUI 0.245m
The Book has a minimum depth of 3 moves and a maximum of 6. 1805 total opening lines.

Software per il rating :

BayesElo By Remi Coulom

EloStat 1.3 by Frank Schubert (incluso in Arena)

Ordo 1.2.6 By Miguel A. Ballicora

Engines Logo by Luigino Viscione :

ECE Historic Logo-ECE

ECE 11.01-ECE 11.01

ECE 12.01-ECE 12.01




ECE 19-ECE 19

Dimitr3-Dimitri 3
Dimitri 4-Dimitri 4

Dimitri 5.0.0-Dimitri 5

Ethereal Logo-Ethereal Logo

Asymptote Logo-Asymptote

K2 Logo-K2

GnuCheese Logo-GnuCheese