Engines Collection

below is the list of Chess Engines in my collection.

Free :

Comet by Ulrich Turke (Germany)
Zurichess by Alexandru Mosoi (Romania)
FabChess by Fabian von der Warth (Germania)
Devel by Per Skjerpe (Norvegia)
Delocto by Moritz Terink (Austria)
Deuterium by Ferdinand Mosca (Philippines)
Pawny by Mincho Georgiev (Bulgaria)
Donna by Michael Dvorkin (USA)
Counter by Vadim Chizhov
Zorgus by Olivier de Lannoy (Francia)
Cheng by Martin Sedlak (Czech Republic)
Arminius by Volker Annus (Germania)
Embla by Folkert van Heusden (Olanda)
Bright by AJ Siemelink (Olanda)
CT800 by Rasmus Althoff
Colossus by Martin Bryant (Inghilterra)
Bagatur by Krasimir Topchiyski (Bulgaria)
Sayuri by Hironori Ishibashi (Japan)
Rodin by Fermin Serrano (Spagna)
RubiChess by Andreas Matthies (Germania)
BigLion by Matthias Gemuh (Cameroon)
TakTix by Matthias Gemuh (Cameroon)
RubiChess by Andreas Matthies (Germania)
Asymptote by Maximilian Lupke (Germania)
Smash by Maurizio Sambati (Italia)
Schooner by Dennis Sceviour (US/Canada)
Tornado by Engin Ustun (Germania)
Fridolin by Christian Sommerfeld (Germania)
kanguruh by Thomas McBurney (Australia)
Caligula By Pedro Castro (Spain), Tom Kerrigan (USA)
Igel by Vladimir R.Medvedev , Volodymyr Shcherbyna
Abrok by Roman Korba (Germania)
Naum by Aleksandar Naumov (Serbia/Canada)
Critter 1.6a by Richard Vida (Slovacchia)
SmarThink by Sergei Markoff (Russia)
Fortress by Alessandro Damiani (Italia)
WyldChess by Manik Charan
Xiphos by Milos Tatarevic (USA)
Minic by Vivien Clauzon (Francia)
Faile by Adrien Regimbald (Canada)
AnMon by Christian Barretau (Francia)
Nejmet by Jean-Christophe Gabillard (Francia)
Spike by V. Böhm & R. Schäfer (Germania)
Dragon by Bruno Lucas (Francia)
Hermann by Volker Annuss (Germania)
SOS by Rudolf Huber (Germania)
Chaturanga by Stefano Malloggi (Italia)
Arasan by Jon Dart (USA)
BlackBishop by Andreas Herrmann (Germania)
Cinnamon by Giuseppe Cannella (Italia)
CyberPagno by Marco Pagnoncelli (Italia)
Delphil by Philippe Fabiani (Francia)
Equinox by Giancarlo Delli Colli (Italia)
Fire by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen (Germania)
FireFly by Andrew Fan (Hongkong)
Fizbo by Youri Matiounine (USA)
Floyd by Marcel van Kervinck (Olanda)
Gogobello by Salvatore Giannotti (Italia)
iCE by Thomas Petzke (Germania)
Jonny by Johannes Zwanger (Germania)
Marvin by Martin Danielsson (Svezia)
Maverick by Steve Maughan (UK)
Movei by Uri Blass (Israele)
Pedone by Fabio Gobbato (Italia)
Protector by Raimund Heid
RamJet by Edoardo Manino (Italia)
Rhetoric by Alberto Sanjuan (Spagna)
Rodent IV by Pawel Koziol (Polonia)
RofChade by Ronald Friederich (Olanda)
Senpai by Fabien Letouzey (Francia)
Shield by Luigi Ripamonti (Italia)
Komodo (free) by Don Dailey, Larry Kaufman, Mark Lefler (USA)
Houdini (free) by Robert Houdart (Belgio)
Rybka (free) by Vasik Rajlich (USA)
ProDeo by Ed Schroder (Olanda)
Texel by Peter Österlund (Svezia)
Toga by Thomas Gaksch and Fabien Letouzey
Yace by Dieter Bürßner (Germania)
Andscacs by Daniel Jose Queralto (Andorra)
Alf by Casper W. Berg (Danimarca)
Amateur by Will Singleton (USA)
The Baron by Richard Pijl (Olanda)
Dorky by Matt McKnight (USA)
Isa by Dany Anuillero (Francia)
FrankWalter by Laurens Winkelhagen (Olanda)
Obender by Evgeniy Korniloff (Russia)
Surprise by Sven Schüle (Germania)
TSCP by Tom Kerrigan (USA)
Clueless by Helmut Fett (germania)
Hamsters by Alessandro Scotti (Italia)
Strelka by Jury Osipov (Russia)
EnginMax by Engin Üstün (Germania)
Capivara by L. A. Oliveira (Brasile)
DanaSah by Daniel Shawul (Etiopia)
Delfi by Dr. Fabio Cavicchio (Italia)
LarsenVB by Luca Dormio (Italia)
Booot by Alex Morozov (Ucraina)
Ziggurat by David Norris (USA)
Uragano 3D by Luca Naddei (Italia)
Dimitri by Luigino Viscione (Italia)
ECE by Luigino Viscione (Italia)
K2 by Sergey Meus (Russia)
Zevra by Oleg Smirnov(Russia)
Soldat by Marco Giusfredi (Italia)
GnuChess by Free Software Foundation
RuyDos by Alvaro Begue (Spagna)
Sabrina by Stefano Gemma (Italia)
AdaChess by Alessandro Iavicoli (Italia)
Neurone by Luca Lissandrello (Italia)
BlackMamba by Matteo D'annibale, Maurizio Platino (Italia)
Leila by Carmelo Calzerano (Italia)
Vajolet2 by Marco Belli (Italia)
ChessBrainVB by Roger Zuehlsdorf (Germania)
Mizar by Nicola Rizzuti (Italia)
Greko by Vladimir R.Medvedev (Russia)
Fruit by Fabien Letouzey, Ryan Benitez and Daniel Mehrmann
Ethereal by Andrew Grant(USA)
Topple by Vincent Tang
Gandalf by Steen Suurballe (Danimarca)
Gull by Vadim Demichev (Russia)
CPW by Chess Programming Wiki (Pawel Koziol,Edmund Moshammer)
GnuCheese by Chua Kong-Sian (Singapore), Stuart Cracraft (USA), Lukas Geyer, Simon Waters, Michel Van den Bergh
Stockfish by Tord Romstad (Norvegia), Marco Costalba (Italia), Joona Kiiski (Finlandia) and all World OpenSource Community
Lc0 by Gary Linscott and all Lc0 Authors (Europa)

Commercial :

Chiron by Ubaldo Andrea Farina (Italia)
Vitruvius by D. Lattanzi, A. Manzo e R. Munter (Italia)
Houdini by Robert Houdart (Belgio)
Onno by Onno Garms (Germania)
Fritz by ChessBase (autore del motore : Vasik Rajlich)
Komodo Don Dailey, Larry Kaufman, Mark Lefler (USA)
Rybka by Vasik Rajlich (USA)
Junior by Amir Ban (Israele), Shay Bushinsky (Israele)
Hiarcs by Mark Uniacke (Inghilterra)
Shredder by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen (Germania)
The King (Chessmaster) by Johan de Koning (Olanda)
Chess Tiger by Christophe Theron (Francia)
Ktulu by Rahman Paidar (Iran)
Zappa Mexico II by Anthony Cozzie (USA)
Sjeng by Gian-Carlo Pascutto (Belgio)
Loop M1-T by Fritz Reul (Germania)

News :

FCCG rules and conditions have been changed

after reading the following post, I decided not to let Strelka 6 play and replace it with the 5.5 64bit version awaiting news on future versions of Strelka. However, the results of Strelka 6 will remain valid for the Elo database.
Orginal Post :
"Saw this posted elsewhere. It's what Jury Osipov had to say about Strelka 6:
-Houdini 4 code-base was used with the following main changes
-Some changes in the PST.
-Material imbalance table is not calculated but is built-in.
-A built in database of positions reached in decisive LTC games betwen strong engines in the past two years.
It is only a test version"
From Chess2u forum (http://www.chess2u.com/t8455-strelka-6).

Please Note:

The collection will be updated with the latest versions of the game engines available for download or at the request of the authors. I can add or remove engines from the collection as desired.

For commercial engines a constant update to the latest versions available for purchase is not guaranteed.

If an author wants to insert his own engine in the FCCG collection he can send an email to luigino.viscione@gmail.com

the same email address can be used by commercial engine authors for a "donation" of their program to the FCCG site.

the same email address can be used to request, always from the authors, the removal of an engine from the collection.