Easy Chess Engine

Luigino Viscione

  • 20.01.2012
    • ECE 12.01 download (The zip file contains the opening book ECE.ebk and the new logo)


      The ECE version numbering scheme is based on the date I release a
      version of the engine. The version number comes from the year and
      month of the release rather than reflecting the actual version of the

      This release of ECE born in Jan 2012 so its version is 12.01

      You can use Arena GUI for play with ECE or use PolyGlot (UCI2WB) for run ECE in Winboard

      ECE Works also in Chessbase, ChessPartner, Chess Assistant or Chessmaster (with polyglot).

      Old ver :

      23/01/2011 - ECE 11.01(rev1)

      16/02/2010 - ECE 1.1 (2010.2 rev1)