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latest updates
12-jan-2020 : ECE 20.1 released!
03-oct-2019 : Dimitri 5.2.3 bugfix released


dimitri - ece - fccg

Dimitri Chess Engine
version 5.2.3 03-oct-2019


    VB6 32Bit WinBoard 2.1 Protocol

    The zip file contains engine with new books (Small, Dimitri_v2 and DimitriBig_v2), config file, The WB2UCI files (DimitriUCI.exe) and new logo



Winboard 4.8.0

VB6 RunTime

More Info

    *please note - GUI Options overwrite The ini file settings (except for book file)

    *please note - if You use DimitriUCI like engine in UCI GUI You have to configure Dimitri directly in INI file.

    *please note - in Dimitri INI file You can find more info about the options

---Dimitri (C) 2001-2020 Luigino Viscione---

ECE Chess Engine
Version 20.1 12-jan-2020


64Bit UCI Chess Engine (SSE4.2)

(If You look for a 32bit versione download old version)

The zip file contains engine with book and the new logo



Winboard 4.8.0

old version package

More Info

---ECE (C) 2004-2020 Luigino Viscione---



(New rules for season 2020)

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FCCG Tournament, Live Game, test and rating list is made for my personal enjoyment, but I'm happy to share everything with You!


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---FCCG (c) 2017-2020 Luigino Viscone---

Info About me.

Something of My simple story

Luigino Viscione

I was born in Rome on 18 January 1980.

My passion for computers has been born since the age of 8 years. I often watched my father Antonio play Sargon II on Commodore VIC 20 for full nights.

My first contact with the computer chess was in 2001 and after in 2003 with the G-S.E.I. (an italian group of people dedicated to chess programming) and I was guided by Luca Dormio, author of LarsenVB.

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